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May. 11. 2011. 03:19 pm 9 notes

The daisy appeal

If anyone read my post on here the other day on monday, you will know all about daisy the cats ordeal, but if you have any love of animals or feel strongly against animal cruelty then this is a page for you. She was subjected to a sickening crime that i know happens frequently to many of us im not downgrading the severity of those events by posting my outright horror at what occured to this poor little cat. I myself have been through those horrors and all i want to do right now is make the bastard that did this pay. No-one should ever get away with doing these things to anyone or anything (but i know it happens far too often).

June. 13. 2011. 05:46 pm 1 note

secret number 1

If i could chose to do anything for the rest of my life right now despite everyone else id do kennel work, i adore it, its not boring there’s always something different happening, new dogs, new cats, new scenarios, yes it can be grubby for example its very wet here at the moment within half hour of starting i had mud smeared all over my shirt from one excited fox hound who when on hind legs is taller than me (im 4 ft 8) i dont care when they jump at me at full speed, when i get scratched or nipped (by accident i normally swear if its deliberate lol) also alot of smelly laundry and poo picking I dont care i love being with the dogs theres so many characters and the cats make good company the rest of the time. They make me smile.

Now in everyone elses eyes this is a catastrophe and aweful and just plain wrong makes me a low life and a slave (seriously a bloke handing me 3 huge dogs- 2 doblermans and 1 grey hound, he was meant to help me again im a small person these dogs are like up to my stomach sometimes chest. But no he talked to me like shit ‘Just go’ id much rather oh thank you for taking my untrained on the lead dogs and caring for them would you like help moving them down to the end block with that bag of belongings and sheet you are carrying? But no snotty Mr i gritted my teeth and moved on i hope it pisses it down for your holiday. We’re not low life scum we’re actually pretty decent people and its probably your fault why your dogs are always so unsettled and angry). But yes moving on from snotty people. I left school at 16 highest grades in my year high flyer headed for good universities and a brilliant acceptable career. oh but what happened i had a psychotic break and breakdown from repressed trauma and home life became hell. So um yeah hospital blah blah blah inability to cope with people blah blah blah and what did i find… a path and hope and enjoyment through care and love and work with animals.. but its a career choice frowned upon its not meant for ‘high intelligent people like me’ its bollocks I love this work. I want to do open learning course in animal communication specialising in dogs after but its not good enough! If im going to do animal care it has to lead to veterinary surgery nursing at the least not behaviour or rescue work. I want to be a dog shrink lol specialising in terriers and the like fostering and adopting rescues for my life. But no not allowed, Just because of my stupid intelligence and gcse grades from two years ago.

Im lost with this all.. i am not sure as to what route im going to (be forced to) take Im being made to rethink all my actions and try and say things and chose things in a way that wont cause conflict.

So yes secret one, that i have not revealed to anyone.. so congrats tumblr!

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Today was a sad day with the cats

we’ve had an outbreak of Coronavirus in our rehoming cattery… its aweful and heart wrenching last week we just thought it was a fluey bug going around but all of a sudden it went all over and started becoming life threatening. I went in today and all but 3 cats are not in the vet or ill… it was heartbreaking particularly as a few ones ive warmed to have died or become critical. Its a horrible illness. I had to nurse a kitten ive known from brith ive grown attatched to him and to have been doing this when hes not old at all 5 weeks, cuddling, keeping him warm, conscious.. and administrating water through syringe.. just last week i was bottle feeding him and to see him so limp and down was just horrid i actually became quite tearful talking to him and cleaning out the pens thoroughly with disinfectant i still have the smell up my nose 10 hours later from the cleaning and my hands and feet are raw from lathering myself in the stuff (feet being where it leeked in my shoes from putting them in it so much) it was just so horrible seeing it so empty and some of my friends gone! We now have to shut down and isolate our rehoming section until resolved! Its just horrid this though you just clean but cant change anything, you cant help just make them comfortable, ship them to vets and clean clean clean. You feel so helpless… the rest of this post is about the rest of my day so i thought id make it optional

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im so soppy

i have now cried/ become tearful 3 times at the same bloody rspca advert everytime it comes on i blubber a bit.. even though i work and will continue to work with rescued animals and am very close to their pain and see it first hand it is quite sad that i cry at the advert.. *rollseyes*

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Five out of ten dogs in shelters and seven out of ten cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them. 
Source: ASPCA


Five out of ten dogs in shelters and seven out of ten cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them.

Source: ASPCA

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Whispering sweet nothings (by sopheava)


Whispering sweet nothings (by sopheava)

I  can't even... this is too cute!

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Sr. Roberto Downey


Robert Downey jr’s face was meant to be on cats okay

Here’s a blog that’s totally worth following

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