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September. 08. 2011. 04:56 pm 8 notes

So my foot is dying…

And now I need to take 3 lots of whacking antibiotics four times a day for at least a week guess I shouldn’t be up to much then. So some bug somewhere has given me this bloody awful reaction despite antihistamines and steroid creams. Since Sunday I’ve been hobbling around with my ankle increasingly growing in size and becoming a deep red-purple over these days mum thought i was lying.. Oh and must thank the GP I saw this afternoon who saw me for two minutes and told me it was a bruise! So a waste of a bus ticket. Showed mum when she came home as she’s a nurse and she made me go to casualty/ minor injuries who drew a line around all redness and had to wait half hour for out of hours doctor came. By which time the redness had spread by an inch and was redder from walking so now I’m on all these pills with other meds and will probably have a very unsettled stomach for the next week. Unless the redness spreads further or I feel worse in which case I’ll need IV antibiotics which I am avoiding so god helping it will all be fine Im never going to that gp again though stuff him! So yeah just needed to let off steam!

October. 15. 2011. 12:06 pm 12 notes


Absolutely fucked today I feel completely drained, im in pain and I just want a cuddle! Someone come cuddle with me!!

November. 27. 2011. 08:46 am

I’m nursing my terminal cat

She’s seriously deteriorated this past week she had cancer last year but it was so advanced it couldn’t fully be removed and all of a sudden the remaining tiny lump went from pea sized to like a massive slug over the matter of 3 weeks. She had a stroke in the last week or so and has been suffering minor fits (it moved to her brain) and shes no long able to walk but has been eating, drinking, alert and pain free we took her to the vet on Tuesday and they said see how she goes over the week. However today it’s become evident the end is near for my beautiful girl were not putting her down as she will be going by herself soon it seems, she hates the vets with all her might and I don’t want her to go in some where she hates and distresses her. Her kidneys are failing and she won’t eat by herself she’s semi coma meaning she’s awake but sleeping very deeply and not very responsive, I have had her on my lap most of today as she’s comfortable that way and wanting the company, I have to keep checking whether she’s breathing I love her so much but we can’t prolong this it’s not a quality of life for my independent cat, I’m enjoying having the company and seeing her the most content she has been in weeks it’s what’s stopping me from collapsing in tears..I love her so much, have had her 11 years from a little ticker tacker of a kitten she’s been my little guard and comfort (cats are my spirit guide and once she knew this we became a team) but I can’t keep her alive like this. My poor baby.. Sorry for the depressing post wanted to talk

March. 20. 2012. 06:37 pm

Oh god my face hurts

Half of it is badly bruised and swollen and the other half is all blocked up with no relief by cold. My chest is also aching and straining. Needless to say I just feel like utter shit.